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What a year 2020 was. The year of lockdown and the pandemic affected our daily lives in so many different ways.

One aspect which was shaped by this period is the way we eat (habits) and the foods we eat (nutrition). For example, the pandemic made more people cook at home as opposed to going to eateries and restaurants due to social distancing restrictions. It also made people more conscious of what they eat.

People began to make deliberate nutritional changes to their diet, a lifestyle change aimed ultimately at building a more healthy immune system due to the dreadful Covid-19. Check out Collected. Reviews to discover some of the best food stores online.

We have observed and taken note of a number of these changes which are going to affect food and eatery in the new year. Are you curious to know? Here are 6 food trends that will be prevalent in 2021.

1. Eco-Consciousness:

It seems more and more people are becoming aware of the need for a safer ecosystem. With topics on global warming and climate change becoming more popular, people are making conscious attempts at ensuring their actions are not harmful to the environment. This trend also extends to food and cooking as people are beginning to adopt more eco-friendly eating habits.

2. Increased Snacking:

It is only expected that due to most people working at home this year, eating lots of snacks would be on the rise. Binge-eating while working at home can be irresistible. After all, the refrigerator is just a few steps away. Though this can be unhealthy, it is most definitely a trend.

3. Prioritizing Sanitization:

One healthy effect of the lock-down on most of us is the consciousness of sanitation and hygiene. People have learned to adapt to the life of wearing face masks, using hand sanitizers, and prioritizing cleanliness in general. This also applies to cooking habits. More people take kitchen hygiene more seriously now. They wash their hands, use aprons and gloves, and are very careful during cooking. This is good because clean kitchen practice equals safer and healthier meals.

4. Bartending at Home:

This is another effect of the lock-down. Many people usually go to bars or pubs to grab a drink or two for themselves, but the restriction on social gatherings changed this activity. Due to this, several people began bartending at home (some even made their own alcohol and drinks!)

5. Virtual Cooking Classes:

We’ll agree the word “Zoom” slid into our work vocabulary in 2020 as virtual meetings and classes slowly became a norm. One fun advantage of this is that you can join a cooking class online and take cooking lessons, practically following the chef in the comfort of your kitchen. It is calculated that more people will engage in online cooking classes since most people tend to cultivate and cook their own food now.

6. Conscious Nutrition and Diet:

As mentioned earlier, people are beginning to be observant about their diet now more than ever. There is an increased focus on eating foods with essential nutrients and cutting down unhealthy diets that add nothing good to the body. Some of these changes are a result of the body’s need for building immunity against Covid-19.

Food trends change over time due to one reason or the other. After studying a very solitary year, we have predicted some of the food trends that will be observed in the year 2021.